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The Eudaemonic Mission

In the rapidly changing field of animal health care, one thing remains constant -- the need for effective and dependable products that recognize the special demands of veterinary practice. Eudaemonic was founded to address that.

Eudaemonic Corporation, an affiliate of the ABS Corporation, was founded in 1986 by Richard Wood. (The name is of Greek origin and means "a state of good health.") The company is dedicated to innovative solutions to animal health problems and to the research and development of quality products that respond to the needs of the veterinary industry. Eudaemonic products are marketed exclusively to veterinarians.

From the beginning, our goal has been to develop products that are easy to administer, and that produce results quickly and safely. Building from a line of traditional health care products, we have continued to find new solutions for the veterinarian: Solutions that Work.

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